How It Works


While ScoopFree® makes a great machine, their disposable cardboard PetSafe® ScoopFree litter tray refills are both expensive and environmentally wasteful. Making a greener, less expensive option was really important to us, so we figured out a way to make the litter box chore not only a little easier for you, but a cleaner, healthier and more pleasant experience for your kitties as well.

The Forever Litter Tray is designed to fit both 1st and 2nd Generation PetSafe ScoopFree machines


Because you want a clean smelling home and a happy cat without high recurring costs

You don’t want litter tracked through your house or a strong litter smell, so you shopped around to find the Petsafe® ScoopFree litter box, only to realize the unending high price of the disposable ScoopFree® refills. Well, the reusable Forever Litter Trays offer you a greener, more cost-effective substitute. Forever Litter Trays are made from an extremely durable anti-microbial plastic,* resistant to stains and odors, and are a direct fit replacement for all Petsafe® ScoopFree litter boxes (including Original and Ultra). (*EPA Note: Antimicrobial properties are built in to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect this product. The antimicrobial properties do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. Always clean and wash this product thoroughly per manufacturer recommendations).

Give your cat roommate a clean box and yourself a release from all the scooping, while you both enjoy a fresh smelling home. For a peaceful and pleasant household environment get a Forever Litter Tray today!

Forever Litter Tray with logo and tagline

We had four objectives in mind when developing the Forever Litter Tray:

  • Provide a tray that is more eco-friendly and better designed than the disposable Scoopfree® litter tray refills, thereby cutting costs for cat owners and reducing landfill at the same time.
  • Make all aspects, from the tray itself to the packaging it comes in as green as possible. All our products come packaged in recycled cardboard, and the tray is made from strong, fully recyclable anti-microbial plastic, so that it can be properly disposed of at the end of its life cycle (which should be many, many years!)
  • Make it easy to use
  • Make it as leak-proof as possible

At Forever Litter Trays we’ve been helping ensure happy cat households since 2005, so we’re confident we’ll meet these objectives for you and your kitty roommate as well

You can look forward to these Forever Litter Tray features and benefits:

  • One-piece construction for strength and integrity.
  • Lightweight yet tough material construction for ease of handling, especially during litter changes and cleaning.
  • Anti-microbial plastic resists stains and odors.
  • Rubber feet underneath to prevent sliding or scratching your floor, as well as to provide an air gap.
  • Easy to clean waste compartment. Our exclusive flap design makes the occasional “rake and stir” (described in our “How to Use” video) a snap. Please note: the waste storage area is actually the entire area under the purple cover, not just the area behind the little barrier, although waste will tend to collect in that area. The purpose of the barrier is to prevent sliding/buildup of crystals. So don’t worry if you don’t see all the waste being deposited (so to speak) behind that barrier — everything is functioning fine as long as it is collected under the purple cover.

The Forever Litter Tray is a top-quality, direct fit replacement for the cardboard cartridges used in all ScoopFree® litter boxes

The Forever Litter Tray has rubber feet underneath to prevent sliding or scratching your floor, as well as to provide an air gap.
Pointing out where to slide on the Forever Flap to the lid of your Scoopfree litter box.

What does the Forever Flap do for you?

We developed our exclusive Forever Flap to make the Forever Litter Tray even more user-friendly. Attaching to the purple cover (or grey, depending on your machine) the obvious goal is as an odor barrier. There is another curved lip on the tray itself to help contain odor and also keep crystals from spilling out in the event the waste compartment starts to fill up when nearing the end of a cleaning cycle.


Another important feature is that with our innovative Forever Flap design the magnets are no longer necessary, making it much easier to use than than the cardboard Scoopfree® litter tray refills. You no longer need to fumble and struggle to attach and detach those magnets all the time. Our design allows you to just tilt the cover back for the occasional “rake and stir” mentioned in our “Tips” video, while at the same time providing you more capacity in the waste compartment area. Attaching and detaching it is super easy (check out our “How to Use” video), and your hands don’t even need to touch the “dirty” part!

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