Forever Litter Trays®

The greener alternative to disposable cat litter trays.

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No More Monthly Cartridge Searches

Sometimes finding refill cartridges for your automatic litter box can be a real challenge. Now you only need to replace the crystals. No more boxed up cat waste in your garbage.


Stop Adding to Landfills

By using Forever Litter Trays you stop sending cardboard boxes filled with your cat's waste to your local landfill. Plus our products are made from fully recyclable materials (should you ever actually need to dispose of them).


Save Money

By only needing to replace the crystals you will save at least $100 a year on replacement cartridges.


Easy to Use

If you already change the disposable cartridges on your litter box you know how to use a Forever Litter Tray. In fact, our product has added features to help keep odor in even better than the disposable versions!